My name is Jamie and I’m a fibers graduate student at the Savannah College of Art and Design in Georgia.  I have a bachelors degree in Interior Design from East Carolina University in North Carolina.  My motto in life is to live slow & enjoy life!!  The focus of my work is spinning yarn and working with recycled materials as well as natural and organic fibers.  I have recently begun to explore growing plants in fiber, such as wool or cotton.  Its a very exciting endeavor with still much research to be had.  But I have faith it will work.


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    cindy peacock said,

    Hey Jamie – glad you are enjoying yourself. Thats interesting about the sea turtles. There are sea turtle nesting spots in N.C. too. Bald Head Island actually has an organization that helps with the hatchings. I can tell you love what you are doing and that is so important to find a passion in your life and be able to persue it. I am enjoying your blog and look forward to dropping in and sharing your expirence.
    Cindy Peacock

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    nadda said,

    Please do some research on flea market puppy peddlers – they are 99.9% puppy millers that drag their “goods” to the market for that almighty dollar.

    The puppies are cute, sure – but if you saw where that puppy came from, you would not think it so cute. You can save a puppy by buying it, but please remember, for every puppy mill puppy you buy, it only continues to keep that puppy mill in business.

    If you truly love animals, you won’t shop in pet stores or at flea markets that allow live animal sales. It is a horrendous business for these animals.

    Google: backyard breeder, puppy mill, flea market animal cruelty – for starters.


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