Markets, Oh My!!

The past two weeks have flown by for me.  Week before last was spent trying to get ready for Greenfest here in Savannah, which was September 13th down at the Trustee’s Gardens.  School started this week and my brain has been jumpstarted with inspiration already.  So lets just get right to it, shall we…

Greenfest was a spectacular day full of green info & goods.  I had my ora cleansed and my energies aligned by specialists in reiki & reflexology.  I learned about water that is condensed from the air and purified into drinking water.  And I picked up some local fruits and veggies.  I could just talk on and on about it, but…naaa, lets just move on. Here’s some pics of the things I had for sale. 

This is a blanket I knitted from both left over yarn scraps & handspun yarn. I knitted it on these giant needles I learned how to make when I was in Carriacou studying with Sue Russell.

This is a collier scarf I also knitted on giant knitting needles.  I handspun the yarn from repurposed curtain fabric and yarn.

These are stickers I cut from recycled fabric and embellished with hand embroidery.  These are one of my most favorite little things to make.

I made $25 that day.  Woohoo, my first sales!!  Now…I am taking a class this quarter with an artist & designer named Cat Chow.  She is a visiting professor that SCAD has brought from New York to teach a class called The Artist as Designer & the Designer as Artist.  There’s gonna be some major growing in this class folks, so make sure to revist in weeks to come for my progression. 

This morning our class ventured to Keller’s Flea Market just outside Savannah on Ogeechee Rd.  This was my first time at Keller’s and may I just say…WAY COOL!!  Here’s some pics of the inspiration I gathered while I was there today.

This is Dusty’s Antiques & Collectibles.  It was, by far, the coolest antique shop I’ve been to in Savannah.  I managed to find the owner, Gene, and one of his employee’s, Joe, who were kind enough to let me take a few pictures to show you guys. 

This is part of the garden out front of the shop.  Flowers and plants are everywhere and tiny little treasures pop up everywhere you look. 

This is Miss Brenda.  She’s sitting in the garden.  I forgot to ask her significance, but I suspect she’s there to watch over the gardens and greet the visiters.  I said Hi!!

I love this photo, it reminds me of home in North Carolina.  Its so inviting in a way, isn’t it?  So much cool stuff with so much potenital. 

I was drawn most to collections of glass.  Again this kind of object strikes my fancy as inspiration.  What does this mean, where will it lead me?

More glass bottles.  I love their colors, the stories they whisper, and the characters they play.  Glass as a natural material inspires me for sure.

Shot glass anyone?

There was so much to see at Dusty’s.  Items hanging from the ceiling were just as indulging as those sitting on the floor.  I could spend hours and hours in this little shop.  I shall return. 

Its special photo ops like this folks, that you’ve got to keep an eye out for.  These antique Christmas ornaments have a brillant glow from the lights below.  What a unique Xmas card, don’t you think?

And last but not least, these are some of the cutiest chihuahua puppies I’ve ever seen.  There were tons of puppies for sale at the flea market.  I was excited to see a few, but there were booths and booths of puppies.  All I could think of is…PUPPY FARM:(  I felt so sorry for these puppies, and I wanted to resue them all.  What do you do in such a sad situation?

Anyways, hopefully I’ll be back a bit more often now that schools back in.  So stay tuned to see what cool things will happen next.


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