Where have I been…

Oh, hello again….bet ya thought I got caught up in all that summer fun I’ve been having. But actually, its been work work work, and a bit of penny pinchin’ fun here and there. Some very exciting things have been happening though, and I have a lot to say, so try to keep up….’cause I fear there might be a lot of jumping around in this puzzle o’ pictures. When I last posted it was just after July 4th and I had returned home from a journey to Gatlinburg, TN with some fiber goodies from Smoky Mountain Spinnery. So here is what came of those goodies….

A gem toned silk/merino blend roving, beautifully dyed locks to match, and a cotton thread to wrap it all up.

I let the mauve thread pull from the cone and wrap around the roving just before entering the orfice on the spinning wheel. This allows the roving to twist first so the thread lays on top of the yarn instead of getting twisted up inside the yarn.

I wanted to knit it up myself, but I must save it to sell ’cause I’m in need of those bucks something fierce. If ya know anyone who might like to have this Puddle of Passion….it measures 52yds and I’m selling it for $25.

Now for what’s been eating up most of my spare time for the past few weeks. My friends Sara Bumgardner & Andrea Gray have been asked, along with myself, to be a part of the arts committee for the new farmer’s Market at Trustee’s Garden here in Savannah. This new farmer’s market is geared toward supporting local farmers, restaurants, and artists interested in natural, organic, &/or sustainable practices. We are super excited to be a part of the development of this new market, which we believe will soon spin off into something truely extraordinary. The market takes place downtown Savannah at the end of Broughton St. in the old Trustee’s Garden warehouse, which was originally used for America’s first imports/exports of cotton way back when. Anyways, there will be much much more about the Market in future posts. For now, here’s some pics of my friends & I at the market.

Andrea Gray and her screenprinted treasures….many printed on organic cotton. Check out her blog in my blogroll.

This is a market bag I crocheted for Andrea’s birthday last month. The aqua yarn is a merino wool single spun and the purple yarn is a double plyed silk/cotton luxury. I love this bag and I chose to show it in this light because you can see how the bag fades from one color to the other, as well as how lovely the two yarn weights compliment each other.

Sara Bumgardner with her quilted & embroidered lovelies. You can check out her blog as well in my blogroll.

This is a fiber plant I gave to Sara for her birthday, which was also last month. Its an exotic angel plant that I planted with organic soil and colorful wool locks in a repurposed glass I got from the thrift store.

Many more fiber plants to come….I’m so excited about it I can hardly stand it.

Me spinning yarn at the Market. I love how you can see the fly wheel spinning ’round. I was very suprised to see how interested the little kids were in what I was doing. I think they just like to see the wheel go around though.

This is the yarn I was working on at the market. Its a mustard, olive, & fuchsia single plyed with a white lace weight yarn that has fringe & gold sparkle. There is 80 yards of this yarn and it is super soft….selling for $30.

Here’s a close up. What a foggy mist of fluff….I just want to roll all in it.

This is my new business card, it show a picuture of my first successful fiber plant transplant. Its also planted with organic soil and colorful wool locks. I love it.

Thats all folks. Not quite sure when I’ll be back again, But please stay tuned.


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