Steel Standin’

I’m still here guys.  I’ve been enjoying my last week here in Carriacou.  I finished my research paper, turned it in, and have already recieved a grade….and I’m happy, and somewhat shocked to say that I got a 92 – A.  Woohoo!! Go Jamie!!  I’ve been doin’ a little weaving this week, but I’ve also had the chance to enjoy a little sailing, snorkeling, sunning, and a steel band.  I’m on my way back to Grenada this afternoon, so this will be my last post until I make it back to Savannah, Georgia in a couple of weeks.  Thanks for tunin’ in guys.  Here’s some pics of my last week in Carriacou.

This is a tabletop loom with four harnesses, set up for plain weave.  You lift the harnesses (which lift certain strings) with a little handle in the top right & left corners of the loom.  This loom is good for small projects and it was already threaded…lucky me! 




A close up of what I’m weaving with….palm leaves, cocoa bark, tropical fabric scraps, and two kinds of organic cotton (white & brown).





I didn’t think I would use the yarn I spun the seaweed onto, but I managed to slip it in here and there.  I’m planning on making a small beach bag with this weaving when I get back to Savannah. 





Here’s the finished piece.  I actually thought it was a lot longer when it was on the loom.  Oh well.  It’ll be a small bag.





There is a small museum here in Carriacou and a managed to sneak a few pictures of the historic spinning items they had. 

These are wooden &/or stone spinning wheel weights.  And it might be my ignorance showing, but I’m not quite sure where they go on the wheel, or exactly what they’re purpose is.






This is a spinning wheel from c1800.  It is very similar to the type many spinners used once upon a time here in Carriacou.






This is an old knitted bag and camisole made from spun cotton fibers.





This past friday night, I went to a near by town called Harvey Vale (my favorite town in Carriacou) and heard a steel band play.  I enjoyed it very much.


The band didn’t have a name and most of its members are young people.  In the afternoon, this man in the middle offers lessons to anyone who wants to join.  If I lived here, I would like to learn for sure.





Steel drum set up.






This guy is playing a car rim and brake drum.  Surprisingly, it sounded really cool.








A crab that came to join the festivities.






And one last sunset for the journey home.  I’ve had an incredible time and will cherish this experience so long as I live.  Oh yeah, and I will visit Carriacou and the Caribbean again, and again, and again.  Thanks guys and I’ll talk to you soon.


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  1. 1

    tandi rose said,

    jamie – you’re gonna have to put all your cool stuff in that little bag and bring it in so we can feel them all!!!

    safety home!!!

  2. 2

    sara said,

    Your trip looked like so much fun! Congrats on your paper, its a relief that the quarter is over. Cant wait till you get back, we’ll have to have a little welcome home party!

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