Giant needles, buds, & creepy critters

Along with trying to get my research paper started, I’ve been spinning and knitting this week.  So I’ll just get right into it…


This is camel down, red alpaca top, grey domestic wool, some angelina hot fix sparkle fibers, and all the scraps from various fibers that were left over from my samples.  We don’t have carders here to comb and mix the fibers, so I had to do it by hand…and spin it like this.




This is how it turned out.  I spun the fiber first thick and thin, then plyed it with a metallic blue thread…like the ocean at sunset.  When you hold the plying thread taught and let the yarn just kind of loosely wrap around it, you get this kind of wavy effect in the yarn.  Pretty cool huh!





A close up.  I didn’t soak or wash this yarn when I got finished plying it, so I don’t know what’s going to happen to it over time.  Soaking yarn after you spin it helps it to hold the twist so it won’t pull apart.  This camel down is super soft and slippery, so it might peel later since I didn’t soak it.  We’ll see though.






Organic cotton I plyed with the same blue thread.  I just love this wavy look…and its very easy to make!!








A close up.







Giant knitting needles that Sue made.  They measure approx. 48″ long. These are super fun to knit with and the perfect tool for teaching because they create loose stitches and there’s just more to hold on to.  It like a kid coloring with giant crayons.  I am definately going to make me a pair when I get back to Savannah. 





I’m knitting a scarf, a beginner’s favorite.  Its really going to be about the size of a pashmina, so I can wrap it or tuck it like a scarf.  These are the two yarns from above.  I have run out of yarn though and will have to spin some more in order to finish.  The big knitting needles make knitting go really fast, which is a bonus because I’m a rather impatient person.





A close up.  This is knit stitch only.  I tried to string a few shells onto the blue thread before I plyed the yarn, but they wouldn’t fit through the orfice on the spinning wheel, so I had to take them out…so sad.  I was going for a sand, ocean, shell concept.  That’s okay though, this scarf told me he wants fringe instead.




And look everyone, my fiber plant is growing like crazy! Its only been a week and look at it.  I’ve just been watering it with rain water and trying to keep it moist.  The roots on the bottom started to turn brown though, so I took him out of the direct sunlight and wrapped a cloth around the bottom.






Now some odds and ends…

I won’t go into much detail, but just take my advice…If you go out of the country, whatever you do, don’t loose your debit card.  Its like the key to life as we know it.  If you loose it, you’re f$%#!!, ’cause its cash only down here folks.  Your debit card is only good at the ATM.  Don’t worry though, after much distress, I eventually solved my problem and the cash is flowing again.


A snipit of a little something that I’m crocheting for my twin sister’s baby.  She’s about to burst and should be having a little girl any day now!! I’m very excited, and I can’t wait to see her.




See this crab, isn’t he cute.  He’s very tiny…and guess where I found him….IN MY BED!!  I was watching a movie late one night on my computer sitting in my bed and I guess he wanted to watch too.  I pulled the covers back to slide under after the movie was over and he came crawling out.  Yes, I was freaked for a moment, but was just glad I saw him before I went to sleep, else I might have gotten a rude awakening in the middle of the night.  Yikes!!  So before all of you go to bed tonight, better look under those covers!!


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  1. 1

    Nice writing style. I will come back to read more posts from you.

    Susan Kishner

  2. 2

    tandi rose said,

    you crazy girl!! your yarns are beautiful – i love the wavy too!! and YAY for your sprouts!!

    i’m surprised you didn’t stomp on that little crab like a palmetto bug!!

    miss your face!!

  3. 3

    tandi rose said,

    oh!!…and how do you hold those things?!?

  4. 4

    Judy Malins said,

    I can’t get over the size of those needles.
    You will have to let me try them when you return.

    Love your yarn. Scarf should be beautiful especially with fringe!!!

    Maybe the crab took your debit card!?!

    Keep us posted on your nieces arrival. . . And the progress of those sprouts

    See you soon

  5. 5

    Shaun said,

    Very interesting! I’ve been very busy this past week in a half and just got caught up on your info. Looks like you have learned so much. Can’t wait to see some of it! Your lucky you found that crab! I found a snake in the feed room today — yikes too! Wish you could bring the sunsets back with you. I hope you really get to enjoy the last week of your stay with a little adventure. See you when you get home….you will probably be an aunt then.

    Love, shaun

  6. 6

    jamie! its jon… i really have to say that your blog attempt is much much more than that.. it is an amazing and entertaining experience! thanks for letting us tag along! your work is looking wonderful and glad to see you taking full advantage of all the great local stuff (even the pear drink!) .. i love your plant, the beach findings, tom and albert, ans yes.. your work! when you get thoes huge needles home you may have to teach me how to make myself either a huge rug, ottoman or maybe even a seat! i think some big old boat rope could be cool? anyho.. i will definitally be stopping back to see how it is going..
    andrea says HI!

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